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                                     Therapies for Low Back Pain

I recently had a few inflamed muscles in my right lower back, butt, and upper leg.  The extreme inflammation was caused by excessive exercises that were too much for me at that time in my life.  I had uncomfortable pain (is there any other kind of pain) in my lower back, hip, and upper leg.  Most of the pain was on the right side of my body, except for the low back which the pain crept all the way across my lower back.


To relieve the pain, I started all the homeopathic therapies that I could think of.  Four weeks after the initial pain, I am about 98% healed and back to exercising (modified edition) every other day.  When I am 100% healed hopefully in about a week, then I will get back to my regular exercise routine (unmodified edition).


I wrote this to help others who may be experiencing pain and wondering how to relieve it.  Please let me know of other therapies that maybe helpful. 

Below is list all of the anti-inflammatory therapies that helped me heal.  The therapies are in order as to how often I did them.



  • Arnica tablets by Boiron (orally)

  • Arnica Gel  by Boiron (topical)

  • T-Relief Gel (topical) I alternated this with the Arnica Get

  • Homemade THC/CBD/Coconut Oil from California which I got from my friend Loli Arosemena which she got from a friend of hers

  • Turmeric tablets by Gaia

  • Fish Oil tablets

  • Anti-inflammatory Tea such as my homemade Turmeric/Ginger/Cayenne Pepper Tea

  • Iyengar Yoga routine for low back pain (this was super helpful because it was gentle movement that noticeably helped to make the pain go away)

  • Thai Chi ( again gentle movement)

  • Meditate

  • No sugar in my diet or at least super low amounts of sugar in the diet.

  • 7-8 hours of sleep


 Every other Day or 3 or 4 (not as consistent as the therapies above)

  • Foam Rolling with lacrosse ball, Rumble Roller, Ma Roller, S-Hook into Quadratus Lumborum

  • Epsom Salt Baths

  • Jacuzzi and/or Steam Bath at the YMCA

  • Castor Oil Pack heated by my BioMat

  • Hot Water Bag heat by my Bio Mat

  • BioMat


Week 2:

  • Chiropractor by Kim Beith

  • Acupuncture by Mitch Harris at Centered Studios in Rogers Park

  • Massage by Randy Cummins

  • Guided Meditation with Loli Arosemena


Week 3:

  • Shiatsu massage by Katelyn Steen

  • Aleve tablets (5 in two days, this was the only OTC drug I took)


I am in week 4 right now and I continue all the daily therapies I mentioned above.  I also have an Acupuncture session scheduled with Mitch Harris.  Right now I feel 98% recovered and I hope to 100% low back pain-free by the end of this week.

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